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Unlike other shot services, Jugshots provides a unique shot experience because it combines an unusual glass, flavorsome and tasty mixed liquor recipes, catchy light-up trays, and a fun, interactive experience between customers and our beautiful shot girls. We’ve been in business since 2006 and have incorporated our product and service to various venues in the Chicago land area. Jugshots has been instrumental in helping Chicago bar owners increase their revenue.

The Jugshot System – A Unique Approach to Shot Services

A Jugshot glass is unique to the nightlife industry. The distinct and appealing shape of the glass is illustrated in the product brand name as the container is actually a small replica of a jug. The 1.75 oz glass holds either a mixed or straight liquor shot. The imaginative Jugshots logo was designed to suggest enjoyment and entertainment.


JugShot-Shot-GlassesThe LED tray and Jugshot glass were specifically designed to work as a system to attract customer attention.  The LED tray is a double tiered serving tray with a custom designed top to keep the shots from sliding around the tray.  This allows servers to move into the densest area of the bar without having to worry about spilling drinks.

In addition to increased mobility, the LED lighting on the tray lights up the Jugshots logo printed around the tray. The logo on the glasses is printed in an array of colors which then reflect various shades and hues depending on the liquor or mix used within the glass. Use the tray in a traditional softly lit room with the LED flashing lights on and the shiny, colorful glasses and you are guaranteed interest, curiosity, and a purchase.

Increase Sales by Increasing Customer Staff Interaction

The product is intended to bring fun and entertainment to the patrons of clubs and bars, private parties and special events. We have provided a team of shot girls and a manager to a number of clubs and bars. Our girls not only sell these shots to patrons, but interact with them in order to provide a more enjoyable atmosphere. Through our novel approach, our products can bring added revenue, growth, and excitement to your business.

Getting You Started

Our Jugshots Starter Kit includes all tools needed to get you started and our experience and expertise can guide you into achieving the same performance we’ve realized over and over again. By incorporating our product and our process, you can get a return on your investment in two nights. Add to your customers’ experience by bringing the Jugshots brand to your establishment.

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Featured Products

What is Jugshots – Watch for yourself

The product is intended to bring fun and entertainment to your customers and add appeal to your venue. We’ve been successful in increasing both the revenue and excitement of a number of night clubs and bars as well as private parties. 




New Product: Jugshots Starter Kit

Our Jugshots Starter Kit is intended to help clubs and bars increase their revenue. Incorporating our product and simulating our process in your business will bring added fun and entertainment to your clientele as well as added profit.  We have a proven record of success having brought Jugshots to a number of clubs and bars in the Chicago land area. Take your best shot by introducing Jugs…